Owner Frequenty Asked Questions

These are some of the most frequently asked questions we get from owners and investors like yourself. There are lots more questions you probably have, so feel free to contact us for the answers.

  • Can you help me invest in a rental property?

    Yes. We are full time property managers and real estate experts. We understand the sales and rental markets in the Phoenix area, and we can help you identify the right opportunity. We’ll also prepare you for being a landlord, and walk you through how our management services can help ensure your success.
  • What makes you different from other property management companies?

    Most Phoenix property management companies offer the same list of services. We believe we provide better support and resources for our customers because we’ve been in business here for over 25 years. That experience has made us leaders in the industry, and working with us brings you a depth of knowledge that’s hard to find elsewhere.
  • How do you price my property?

    We do an exhaustive analysis of comparable properties in the market and price your home accordingly. The goal is to earn you the most rent possible while minimizing your vacancy rate and ensuring we place the most qualified tenants.
  • Will you advertise my property?

    We market all our vacant properties aggressively. We will post a For Rent sign, place a listing on the most popular rental websites, and utilize the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).

  • How long will it take to rent my house?

    We spend some time ensuring your property is ready for the rental market and attractive to potential tenants. The amount of time it’s on the market depends on competition, time of year, and the condition and price of your home. We’ll ensure it rents as quickly as possible to protect your rental income.

  • Will I be responsible for utilities, pest control, and other small items?

    Your tenant will be responsible for paying the home’s utilities, as well as small maintenance items like changing light bulbs and air filters. We conduct regular inspections to make sure the tenant is maintaining the home to acceptable standards.
  • How is maintenance paid for?

    You’ll keep $300 in a reserve trust account to pay for minor maintenance and repair costs. Anything costing more than that will be discussed with you. Our team maintains outstanding vendor relationships, ensuring you get the lowest possible quotes and the best possible work product.
  • What if a tenant stops paying rent?

    Our strict tenant screening process greatly reduces the likelihood that your tenants won’t pay rent on time. However, bad things happen to even the best people, so if a tenant can no longer pay rent, we will begin the eviction process and place a tenant who can pay rent.

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