"Great (EVPM) - thanks for all the help over the years to you, Russ and the team!!! hopefully everything will go well with the home sale. I was thinking you guys should have bought it :) it was a good renter... thanks again, Robert"
- Robert H, 5-10-2016 (Owner)

"Yes I did... Well that stinks I appreciate you guys and had a pleasure dealing with you..." (Property was sold and we no longer managed the home)
- Jason N, 4-27-2016 (Tenant)

"I've been a vendor for about 3 years and I provide tree trimming and removal service. Payments do come in a timely manner and the employees of East Valley Property Management are great. Approval is also done in a timely manner. I enjoy my experience working with East Valley Property Management, thanks!"
- Travis H, 4-21-2016 (Vendor)

"Russ, Thanks to you too for our call today. Your professionalism and (kind words) were and are most appreciated... Thanks again for all you help and many years of good service. We wish you all the best in the future."
- Tim G, 4-18-2016 (Owner)

"Thank you, (EVPM) for your prompt and thorough response. I am pleased the tenant is aware of the.."
- Clifford G, 4-14-2016 (Owner)

"I am very happy with your services! You are doing a great job managing my home for the past 8 years. My property is always rented so fast."
- Hung Viet D, 4-14-2016 (Owner)

"Thank you for your help (EVPM)."
- Jason G, 4-6-2016 (Tenant)

"BTW, great job with getting the new tenants. When you get a chance, could you send..."
- Michael N, 4-4-2016 (Owner)

"I have been very happy with your agency through the years I have been with you. (EVPM) is very knowledgable, pleasant and resolved all of my issues with the property as they have popped up through time."
- Steve B, 4-4-2016 (Owner)

"Thanks (EVPM)! Makes sense. Thanks for always being so prompt. You are wonderful!"
- Brenda M, 3-19-2016 (Owner)

"I want to let you know that I appreciated the service that you provided for the house in… Thank you so much for your business. The house is officially sold and new owners are move in… Thank you again."
- Emilsa B, 3-2-2016 (Owner)

"Thanks again for all your help throughout the years. Your company have been so great to deal with. We hope our sale closes on the first of February."
- Adrian J, 1-25-2016 (Owner)

"I just wanted to say thank you to you and your team over the last few years - you guys were great to work with."
- Craig B, 9-30-2015 (Tenant)

"Always look after any issues that required resolving. Quick to respond to any inquiries. Excellent!"
- A. Jaques, 9-28-2015 (Owner)

"I found it extremely easy to work with EVPM. They are very responsive to my requests and take care of business very quickly."
- J. Smith, 9-11-2015 (Owner)

"Thanks for being on top of things and on time payments! ...Issues are taken care of promptly."
- John D, 9-7-2015 (Owner)

"Excellent! It's been my pleasure over the last 25 years dealing with East Valley Mgmt."
- Frank M, 9-2-2015 (Owner)

"(EVPM), ...Read the renewal contract for Olla and Capri and are happy to have you as our management company. Please continue and keep up the good work."
- Ross & Mary Lou P, 3-12-2015 (Owner)

"We have been renters with EVPM for the past 5 years. They have been wonderful to work with! They made a very difficult time in our lives a smooth transition. I highly recommend them! Very friendly and quick response if anything goes wrong!"
- Jodie T, 2-26-2015 (Tenant)

"Overall, I would like to say that our experience has been very pleasant and satisfactory since 2009, and should the occasion arise, I would not hesitate to engage your professional services again. Thank you for your consideration."
- Thurman B, 2-19-2015 (Owner)

"That should do it. Thank you very much for this and for everything else! You have been an absolute pleasure to work with! I hope you are having a great new year as well!"
- Patrick O, 2-10-2015 (Owner)

"Thank you, (EVPM). That will be fine... Funny, we finally get a good tenant and management company at the end of the time period we intended to have it as a rental. Murphy's law I guess. I have retired and we are looking forward to moving to Arizona. I will get a letter to you shortly as to our intent to end the management agreement after the tenant moves out. Thank you again for your help."
- Paul M, 1-8-2015 (Owner)

"Hi (EVPM), I would like to terminate your property management services since I have sold the property located at... I would like to thank EVPM for providing excellent service during the last 3 years. Please let me know if I need to provide any references. Best regards, Eshwar"
- Eshwar D, 1-4-2015 (Owner)

"Thank you (EVPM), you are a sweetheart.. Thanks for the quick response. ...and was so glad that you thought to check mine, how very kind of you. ..Hope all is well with you, and thank you for being such a great asset to East Valley, you are truly a gem. Enjoy your holidays and keep up the good work. Look forward to talking to you again, you are the BEST!!!! Thank you!"
- Wanda W, 12-4-2014 (Owner)

"Thank you for your help. We have found another house though. I appreciate the help and follow up, though. Many places I contact were nowhere near as professional, courteous or helpful as you were. Thank you."
- Brittany V, 11-17-2014 (Potential Tenant)

"Russell, Thanks for the help. Looks like sale is going through. Please thank everyone for the many years of great service. Sincerely, John and Sandy."
- John S, 7-2-2014 (Owner)

"Russ, first (EVPM) is extremely fast to reply, ...I appreciate how fast she responded. (EVPM) was awesome. ...She was polite, and explained everything in detail. In the end I am extremely happy and stoked to sign a lease. Give her a raise, thank you."
- Tyler W, 7-2-2014 (Tenant)

"Good Morning, You managed our property on E. Inca Street for several years. ...Thank you. And thank you for the many years of great service that you provided us... You have been wonderful."
- James & Ruth M, 6-30-2014 (Owner)

"Hi Russell, ...Thank you for your great service to me and I hope we can work together again, someday soon."
- Thom B, 6-30-2014 (Owner)

"We would like to take this opportunity and say thanks to you and East Valley Property Management for their support and service over the last several years. You were good to work with and were always able to help us keep the property looking nice and occupied. Thanks again and have a great weekend!"
- Daniel B, 5-30-2014 (Owner)

"Hi Russell, Thank you so much for the fast follow up and the pictures! That's what I've been hoping..., I can't tell you how much that helps."
- Dave W, 10-23-2013 (Owner)

"Ok perfect russell. Thank you so much for being so proactive in helping me with this."
- David L, 10-9-2013 (Owner)

"Just a side note, you guys have been awesome to work with. THANK YOU!!!"
- Carrie C, 10-9-2013 (Tenant)

"Thanks again for your help on all of this. ..We are all set! Best, Jackie"
- Brandon & Jackie P, 9-19-2013 (Tenant)

"Great. Thanks so much for setting this all up. See you next week."
- Chris A, 9-19-2013 (Owner)

"Thanks Russell for everything!"
- Norman L, 9-18-2013 (Owner)

"Good job, thank you for helping me."
- Ron H, 7-3-2013 (Owner)

"Thanks for the call and email Leanne, I appreciate it. As I said on the voicemail, I appreciate the extra professionalism to take the time to make the call, (and email)... you were very helpful during that initial process to clarify given the specific pet situation so my clients could elect to proceed. ...In any case, I again appreciate your time and response to me, and the service to my clients. Have a great day as well."
- James M, 5-1-2013 (REALTOR)

"Good morning, ...Very thorough and very helpful! You have a good website! ..Not all agents go the extra mile. I do quite a few relocation rental tours and hope our paths cross again! Have a great day!!"
- Faye B, 4-25-2013 (REALTOR)

"You’ve explained things beautifully and come May 01 please give Doug the keys. EVPM has done a terrific job of managing the 1011 condo over the years and we would be happy to recommend your services if ever asked. Meanwhile, thanks for all your help and best wishes in future. Best regards to the entire EVPM team."
- Bill T, 4-22-2013 (Owner)

"I started using East Valley Property Management a year and half ago when I purchased an investment property there in Arizona. Since I don't live in the area it was important for me to find a management company that I could trust and that was also reliable. East Valley Property Management has done this and more. Monthly accounting statements are mailed in a timely manner along with my rental proceeds. They have found good tenants who have taken care of my property. They have taken all the hassle out of managing this property. All this, at an extremely fair price so that I make more from my investment property. I would highly recommend East Valley Property Management! They have done a fantastic job for me!"
- Melissa G, 2012 (Owner)

"Great! Thanks so much for always being on top of things."
- Brenda M, 10-16-2012 (Owner)

"Hallelujah! You are doing such a great job of managing our rental houses. I don't know what we would do without you! Thank you!"
- Ken & Marie H, 8-15-2012 (Owner)

"I have used East Valley Property Management for 12 years and have been completely satisfied. Their experience and professionalism in this business is outstanding. My house has never set empty. I have never needed to be concerned about ac curate reporting or rent monies being forwarded in a timely manner. I am a property manager in California and I know the challenges connected with this business. This company is ‘TOP OF THE LINE’."
- Janelle C, 1997 (Owner)

"Thanks so much for all you've done over the last 15 years in first managing my rental property and then executing its recent sale. Your efforts were always exemplary no matter what issue there was to deal with. I can't tell you how satisfied I've been with all you've done. You certainly made my life easy being an out-of-state home owner. I wish you continued outstanding success for East Valley Property Management. "
- Joe W, 1996 (Owner)

"I do certainly want to thank you for the excellent service your company has provided me in my absentee ownership. You have cared for my property diligently, leased and managed it faithfully, and relieved me of the lion's share of the burdens of being out of state while keeping a home in Arizona. If there is anything, I can do to encourage others to entrust their property to your care, please allow me to do so."
- Janet S, 1994 (Owner)